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We build each project team with the right people, skills and mindset to mirror each client’s expectations.


Our project management and site supervision teams work directly with our clients, subcontractors and technical partners.


Project leaders are dedicated for the duration of every project and provide a single point of contact and continuity from beginning to end. 

Our senior partners ensure that all projects follow the guidelines of our own Quality Management System based on five pillars: safety, respect, integrity, collaboration and innovation. 


A safe workplace remains our first priority and promoted in our company’s culture. It’s part of how we plan, manage, and build our projects. It’s also part of how we source and choose materials. Our people receive workplace safety training and we are proactive in identifying and eliminating risks.


We respect our people, clients and business partners. Fostering this quality enables us to keep our promises and deliver the highest quality construction projects safely, on-time and on-budget, without question–always.


We fulfill our commitments. We tell our clients: “no surprises.” This means we keep to the agreed-upon job specifications and we do not cut corners. We communicate and ensure up-to-date information is shared and available at all times. We treat everyone the way we would like to be treated. 


Our values encourage our people to express their ideas and share their expertise. Our approach of transparency and full circle communication ensures that the solutions we offer are directly in line with client expectations. Everyone is always on the same page, at the same time.


We use the lessons learned from our more than 60 years of experience. We also keep up to date with innovations in designs, processes and materials. The result? Our clients always get the best possible product tailored to their needs.

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